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GLObal DNS at loCAL rates

Are you serious about a secure and resilient DNS? We take DNS resilience very seriously and have designed our DNS server platforms and network for maximum resilience.

Blazing fast

Take advantage of the global, high performance DNS infrastructure and increase the stability of your domains by using our world class DNS hosting services. is the right solution.

Realtime Updates

All issued updates are carried out in real time ensuring that your DNS changes are instantly available. Take advantage of our easy setup of mail and web forwardings without any additional configuration efforts.


99.99% uptime, 24/7 real-time monitoring. In case of DDoS attacks and mitigation our reaction time is about 15 minutes until measures are in place. So your domains can resolve whatever it takes!


Our DNS servers are located at four independent, geographically separated unicast name server locations in France and in Canada, all in different autonomous systems for great availability and redundancy


Check out our Anycast DNS solutions:

Using PremiumDNS activates Anycast for your DNS zone and automatically duplicates and publishes your resource records across the global network of our partner. Our global Anycast network which has 18 points of presence including locations such as India, Brazil, Sydney, and Hong Kong, assures high site availability and low latency resulting in a superior user experience for your site visitors.


Geographically distributed and fully redundant DNS networks for fast response times


Regular security updates and monitoring


Short update cycles to all DNS data and records, easy mail- and web-forwarding for your domains


Protection against all types of DDoS attacks


Highly available and reliable infrastructure for your domains: born for corporate and worldwide websites


PremiumDNS including Anycast service